NIPS*2007 Paper/Reviewer Keywords

Probabilistic Models and Methods:

          o Graphical Models

          o Mixture Models

          o Gaussian Processes

          o Bayesian Methods

          o Exact and Approximate Inference

          o Variational Methods

          o Belief Propagation

          o Monte Carlo Methods

          o Model Selection & Structure Learning

          o Density Estimation

          o Causal Inference

          o Missing Data

          o Temporal Models and Sequence Data

          o Structured and Relational Data


Robotics and Control:

          o Perception

          o Planning and Motion Planning

          o Control

          o Exploration & Map Building

          o Learning


Acting and Decision Making:

          o Reinforcement Learning

          o Markov Decision Processes

          o Planning and Decision Making

          o POMDPs

          o Bayesian RL

          o Predictive State Representations

          o Policy Search

          o Multi-Agent Systems and Game Theory



          o Signal Processing

          o Handwriting Recognition

          o Information Retrieval

          o Natural Language Processing

          o Bioinformatics

          o Graphics

          o Collaborative Filtering

          o Time Series Prediction

          o Web Applications



          o Gradient Methods

          o Constrained optimization

          o Convex Optimization

          o Non-convex Optimization

          o Combinatorial optimization

          o Convergence Analysis

          o Stochastic methods


Supervised Learning:

          o Large Margin Methods

          o Classification

          o Regression

          o Kernel Methods

          o Model Selection

          o Ensemble Methods and Boosting

          o Neural Networks

          o Sparsity and Feature Selection

          o Learning with Structured Data


Unsupervised and Semi-supervised Learning:

          o Clustering

          o Similarity and Distance Learning

          o Transduction Learning

          o Embeddings and Manifold Learning

          o Active Learning

          o Spectral Methods

          o ICA, PCA, CCA and Other Linear Models

          o Topic Models

          o Matrix Factorization

          o Anomaly Detection



          o Information Theory

          o Statistical Learning Theory

          o Game Theory & Computational Economics

          o Convergence Analysis

          o Consistency

          o Online Learning



          o Motor Control

          o Computational Neural Models

          o Spiking Neurons

          o Visual and Auditory Cortex

          o Brain-computer Iinterfaces & Neural Prostheses

          o Neural Populations

          o Plasticity

          o Neural Decoding

          o Brain Imaging



          o Biological Vision

          o Visual Features

          o Object Recognition

          o Motion and Tracking

          o 3D Reconstruction

          o Machine Vision Applications

          o Visual Processing

          o Visual Perception

          o Natural Scene Statistics

          o Image Segmentation

          o Image Coding


Speech and Signal Processing

          o Auditory Perception & Modeling

          o Source Separation

          o Speech Recognition

          o Speaker Identification

          o Audio and Speech Retrieval

          o Music Modeling & Analysis

          o Signal Processing


Cognitive Science

          o Memory

          o Inference & Reasoning

          o Language

          o Perception

          o Executive Processes

          o Response Time Modeling

          o Model Comparison Methods

          o Development

          o Learning

          o Attention

          o Knowledge Representation & Acquisition

          o Emotion and Cognition

          o Reinforcement Learning

          o Motor Control



          o Neuromorphic Hardware

          o Analog VLSI


Other Algorithms 


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